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One of the world’s leading insurance and asset management groups operates in 54 countries and is home to 153,000 employees and distributors who are committed to serving more than 105 million clients. Protecting what matters is at the core of its business. The company has embraced its responsibility as an insurer: it takes action upstream in order to better understand risk—and better protect its customers.

But it had not been using Flexera’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution to its maximum potential, resulting in an inefficient and costly software licensing process. With the help of Flexera, the company was able to optimize and streamline its licensing efforts, saving countless hours of manpower and maximizing its investment in the solution.

The Challenge

Too much time and money wasted with manual efforts

The insurance leader had previously invested in Flexera’s ITAM solution to manage its global licenses, but its software license managers were using the solution only as an inventory tool to collect data. Actual licensing efforts were conducted manually outside the tool with Excel spreadsheets, costing the company valuable time and money and opening the opportunity for human error.

At the foundation of Flexera’s ITAM capabilities is a central repository for a company’s hardware, software, license entitlement and contract data. With the help of Flexera’s customer success and professional services teams, the company decided to improve its use of Flexera’s ITAM in order to ensure that it would fully benefit from its investment in the solution.

The Solution

Leverage the previously underutilized ITAM solution

The insurance giant and Flexera took a two-phased approach consisting of fact finding and implementing a subsequent plan. The company’s SAM team collaborated with Flexera professionals through workshops designed to audit and understand the company’s current ITAM solution usage and maturity of its software asset management for its top vendors.

Project teams and steering committee meetings tracked the progress, working closely with the company’s SAM team to identify gaps in publisher management and take actions to mitigate the risks. This included reflecting in-scope publisher entitlements in the ITAM solution, creating and configuring licenses, managing unrecognized evidences and progressing management of unlicensed installations.

The company also assessed installations and validations of its inventory and consumption, and the teams discussed ways it could use the reporting capabilities of Flexera’s ITAM solution to create customer UI reports and views. The insurance group’s team was able to learn how it could streamline the entire licensing process by leveraging the automation and tools found in Flexera’s ITAM solution.

Thanks to automation from Flexera’s ITAM solution,
inventory data allocation,
which had taken a full hour to complete manually, now takes only minutes

The Results

Free up resources and realize significant optimization opportunities

The global insurance leader has greatly benefitted from utilizing Flexera’s ITAM solution to its full potential. It was able to industrialize the way of working within the solution. Instead of requiring high involvement from license owners to get license positions in place, its teams were now able to increase their efficiency and save time and money on the amount of manual labor required.

Additionally, the maturity level of the company’s license management has improved due to the team’s involvement in the project and training its members received. The company was able to share documentation and keep licenses maintained, generate reports and increase its automation on system maintenance tasks—all of which significantly increased its optimization potential for major publishers’ license positions.

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