Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher Solution Selected by Thermo

SANTA CLARA, CA - 10. April 2006 - Macrovision® Corporation (Nasdaq: MVSN) today announced that Thermo Electron Corporation will use Macrovision's electronic licensing software to automate licensing models for Thermo's informatics solutions, providing its customers with flexible options for pricing, packaging and product usage.

Global hardware and software organizations across all industries -- such as life sciences, manufacturing, electronics, healthcare and automotive -- are migrating towards a more software-centric business model to add value to and differentiate their products. By automating their licensing models, companies can benefit from electronic licensing, entitlement management and electronic updates. They can manage their business more effectively and respond faster to market change and customer requests.

Thermo will implement Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher across all of its informatics products.

"Providing electronic licensing models is an important benefit to customers, as many have unique procurement requirements that are easily enabled by electronic licensing," said David Shin, director of technology of Thermo's Informatics business. "The integration of Macrovision's digital value management offerings with our products and across our supply chain will help us serve a broader target audience, improving operational efficiencies and enabling high levels of customer self service."

FlexNet Publisher allows users access to product components that are most applicable and beneficial to their responsibilities. And based on metrics that are defined in the licensing agreement and enforced electronically by FlexNet Publisher, customers will be able to track how much and how often a product is used by individuals or groups. Additionally, customers will be able to quickly log into an application, whether just once or multiple times daily, and do it just as seamlessly whether they are across the hall from their central lab or across the globe.

By having the flexibility to easily access applications from any location, Thermo's customers can monitor their internal usage of Thermo's products, track their own entitlements more effectively and capture audit trails of product usage – all of which will help them better comply with FDA mandates.

"We are very pleased to welcome Thermo to our family of Macrovision customers," said Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision. "We are committed to helping Thermo successfully automate its informatics licensing models so they can continue to bring value to their customers."

Three of the world's largest life sciences companies and three of the largest global medical equipment suppliers use Macrovision's FlexNet Publisher software. This underscores the strategic importance of electronic licensing in the life sciences and medical equipment verticals, where FDA compliance strongly impacts technology, usage models, auditing and business models.


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