Strategic Success Manager (SSM) Service
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Your Investment Enhanced with a Focused, Proactive and Personalized Service

The SSM Difference – Keep Your Business Ahead of the Curve

  • Develops a close working relationship with your organization
  • SSM goal is your success
  • Collaborate with you to create Success Plan
  • Drives adoption of your Flexera investment
  • Has in-depth knowledge of your business needs and how to optimize Flexera for your needs
  • Advocates your needs within Flexera

Your organization has made a significant investment in Flexera’s industry-leading software products. To help you maximize your return-on investment and get the most value from our solutions, Flexera offers the Strategic Success Manager (SSM) service. Your SSM is a designated point of contact for personalized management of all your key success factors. SSM’s drive adoption of the software products you purchased, find creative ways to solve business challenges and ensure you have a high level of satisfaction. The SSM will focus on building a long-term relationship, improve your experience, and ultimately ensure success with Flexera.

Benefits of the SSM Service

Our SSM service helps you get the most from our software. Your SSM is a personal, trusted advisor focused on supporting your use of Flexera products and accelerating your ROI.

Personalized Relationship Management – Your SSM’s primary responsibility is to understand your organization and serve your business needs. Your SSM will look for methods to improve your business relationship with Flexera, and understand your unique environment from the beginning.

Proactive Approach to Service – Your SSM is like an extension of your team, providing immediate value to your organization. This is achieved by regular touch points to ensure your needs are being met and suggest additional ways to get value out of Flexera’s solutions. Your SSM’s product knowledge will allow them to identify process improvements and best practices for your organization. This proactive approach better anticipates problems in order to avoid them. Your SSM offers suggestions that create business value and greatly assist our customers to get the most from our software.

Your SSM’s Responsibilities

Realized Value – Your SSM will work with you to understand your key business drivers, goals and objectives, and success challenges. From there, a strategy roadmap will be developed that focuses on business outcomes which are aligned to your goals and objectives so you can realize value from the software products you purchased.

Issue Tracking and Resolution – Your SSM effectively manages your support cases through to completion. Whenever you have critical issues, the SSM will engage and make certain they are escalated appropriately. The SSM will also provide regular status reports to keep you informed on the progress of any issue.

Success Planning – Your success is our goal and in order to achieve those goals your SSM will collaborate with you to create a Success Plan. The Success Plan includes establishing goals and measurement for success, identifying milestones, areas where your SSM can best support you.

Feature Request Management – If there’s a new feature or enhancement you want added to a Flexera product, your SSM will be your advocate, managing your requests from start to finish. Once the request is submitted, they will monitor its progress and provide regular status reports to keep you informed.

Regular Calls and In-person Visits – Your SSM will conduct regular meetings according to your schedule and needs. These meetings serve to keep up with the progress of your goals and objectives, discuss “how-to”, as well as, product and scheduling updates. Additional meetings with key stakeholders will also be used to discuss progress, achievement of overall goals and review your changing product and business needs.

Communication – Your SSM will proactively communicate information between your teams and Flexera, delivering your product and business requirements where needed. Your SSM will inform you of product updates, known issues, and Flexera schedules and road maps.

Work with other Flexera Departments – Your SSM is your liaison into Flexera internal technical departments to identify, analyze, research and resolve inquiries on all aspects of your Flexera solution post-implementation.

Your Responsibilities

To get the most from the SSM service, we encourage you to:

Partnership – You purchased Flexera products to fill a business need. Flexera, and especially your SSM, want you to be successful. When we work together as partners, it makes it enjoyable for all of us to see that your goals are reached. We want to be a part of your team as you are a part of ours.

Keep Communicating – You can best be served by continually communicating your needs. Whether it’s a new project, critical enhancement request, or feedback on the quality of service, let your SSM know. Communication helps your SSM to meet your present needs and better anticipate your future needs.

Allocate Time – We all know that time is valuable, but when it is well-spent its value increases significantly. To fully understand your technical environment and business needs, your SSM needs to spend time with key members of your team gaining insight and knowledge on how your organization works and how it uses Flexera products. Allocating this time allows your SSM to build a close, working relationship with you.

More Information

You’ve made a significant investment in your Flexera products. An SSM will help to ensure you get the most value out those solutions. For more information, please contact your Sales Account Manager or contact us online.